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I can help get your business — off the ground!

Do you own a retail business, write a blog , or enjoy a career in music, fine arts, or cooking?  If so, you may not realize that securing a top slot in Google is a likely key to your success or how you can make it happen.

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Rebuild or redesign your Web site.

Always look your best!  Keep your Web site design fresh and its content up to date. Try to stand out a bit from the crowd. You may access people in varied industries, occupations, and regions that are not yet known to you. That exposure could impact your organization in ways in which you are not yet aware and expand your opportunities in directions you may not have predicted. Contact me for more information.

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Organize your site content for easy access to your key topics. Together we list your organization’s needs and Web site goals.


Create a prototype that best matches your list of deliverables and communicates your message to the target audience.


Using the WordPress CMS, HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, build the Web site and test that it responds to assorted mobile devices.


Ensure that your site is effective in the search engine rankings and monitor your site traffic using Google data analytics.